Mobile Studio 2020

I am now 4 months into providing a mobile photography service and what can I tell you except – I absolutely love it!

This year has been a very different year for every single person on the planet, we have all had to learn to adapt to the new now – personally and with business…

In this trying time for all, I personally had a lot of time to think about how to continue with my much loved business whilst complying with any guidelines requested upon us all.

I have always had a studio since I started 13 years ago (I recently celebrated my 13th year of business) so when I made the decision in uncertain times to close my studio and become a mobile photographer it was with a very heavy heart as first…

However the more I looked into it and did my research I realised that this could be a good thing…personally I feel I am much more able to deal with restrictions and guidelines as they appear.

Now this blog isn’t about COVID and guidelines or what we are doing and should be doing – we have all heard enough about that since March, it’s more a celebration of turning something that was very hard for me to do into something positive and seeing the benefits.

When I decided recently that I wanted to start blogging again about my job (which you all know I love so much!) I wanted it to be a positive and enlightening look into my journey of adapting such a popular and well loved service that clients have been used to for years…

I am now 4 months into providing a mobile photography service and what can I tell you except – I absolutely love it!

After being isolated at home for so long, it felt so good to get back out into the world again, seeing all of my clients lovely houses and apartments and meeting lots of new people in a short amount of time.

One of the biggest benefits I have seen on this journey has been the difference in the children. Being in their own environment, with the surroundings and smells of the safe place that they are used to, they seem so much more relaxed, settled and happy. In the studio I remember we used to need time at the beginning for the older babies and children to warm up however at home I am finding they are ready to start and even excited to start.

For the toddlers and older children having visitors again to the house must be so exciting and I can really see this when I come through the door and they are full of questions and showing me where everything is and where I am setting up etc. It’s a very nice and welcoming change.

The younger babies and even newborns have seemed more settled, I am sure they are aware of the same environment from early on and I have noticed that they have been easier to settle with less upheaval from home to car, car to studio etc…of course there are still days when baby needs more time and takes a while to get relaxed for photos, this happens regardless of setting unless I have just had a really good run of dream babies…

The positive reactions from my clients have been a great response to the new changes that I was originally nervous about, just a few of their main comments have been…

  • It’s so much easier at home
  • It’s great when someone can come to your house, set up and provide any service and you can stay comfy and relaxed indoors.
  • Getting out of the house with a newborn and all of their belongings to be somewhere for a certain time is near on impossible

Isn’t that the truth, even with older children we all know it’s a mission to get out of the front door in time for anything. Then there’s packing everything they may / may not need, another mission on it’s own…

  • The children have been better behaved

I touched on this above and it isn’t just me that has noticed it, many parents have noticed it also – how more involved they have been from the set up to the actual photos.

Another one of the major benefits from my side, as a photographer and a creative person is to actually see the homes where my photos will be displayed. It gives me a great insight into ideal colours to compliment the home styling and the perfect spaces for wall art.

I believe it’s very important that the photos match your style at home, I am always taking notice when arriving and during the shoot of my props and accessories with your personal taste.

My other job is to advise and help clients through the hardest choice that is what to do with my photos now they are finished – with so many print options, wall art options, sizes and finishes I can now guide my clients through the range with their home in mind.

The range I have chosen and which is launching very soon (I am so excited about this and cannot wait show you in a future post) is a range which is versatile enough to suit the modern and sleek styling as well as the rustic and vintage styling.

I will look forward very much to bringing my new samples (which are currently in production) to our shoots to show you the stunning craftsmanship of fine art pieces as well as classic pieces.

I have also added some new complimentary items across my packages including beautifully boxed print boxes, digital media and vouchers and am now offering Zoom viewings very soon to help you through the process.

I, now more than ever love my job and appreciate every moment. Not being able to do the thing you love for so long certainly puts things into perspective and every day now working, I am so grateful and always thinking up new ways to continue to improve and grow with the times.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I haven’t blogged in a long time so am probably a little rusty and am just warming up ready to share more of my incredible job as well as handy tips and the things I learn from you all as we all make our way through this new now…

The perfect way to end this post, a few of my absolute favourites from my recent shoots…