Style Your Shoot

I like to give you time to go over the choices and colours at home so you can choose what suits your home and families personality rather than making quick decisions on the shoot itself. I also find having everything set up and ready for your arrival means we can start straight away if your baby is asleep and have less to set up throughout the shoot giving us more time to capture your baby.

For cake smash we can match your baby’s outfit and cake to your background choice.

Please message me or fill out the contact form below with your background choice (all shoots) and prop choices (for newborn shoots only)

Background Choices

Small Backgrounds for Cake Smash

Pink, Blue, Cream, Grey

For ideas on popular cake smash themes, please view –

Large backgrounds for newborn, newborn and parent, children and small families

Grey or Cream

Prop Choices – For Newborn Shoots

1 large Background (above)

Please choose 1 to 3 props (below)

1 to 3 beanbag fabric colours (below)

(Alternatively you can have the whole shoot on the beanbag as shown below)

Drawer, Cream Bucket, Twig Nest, Wicker Bowel, Bed, Flower Basket, Bucket with Sibling, Grey Crate, Wood Root Bowl, Bed with Sibling, Tin Bucket


Cream Knit, Pale Pink, Lilac Knit, Brown, Navy Blue, Grey, Grey Wool, Cream Wool, Pale Blue, Dusky Pink Knit, Dusky Lilac, Cream, Biscuit, Grey Wool with Sibling, Cream Wool with Sibling