Your Wedding Stories

Every love story is unique and special to two people, every wedding tells a beautiful story…


A crisp and bright Winter’s Day in November at the elegant hall. Classy decorations and finishes. Super stylish. I have worked with this lovely couple a few times taking photos of their gorgeous Son so we already knew each other well and had lots of laughs taking the photos. The couple both have warm and happy personalities which I think really comes through in the photos. Sherrie looked absolutely incredible, her wedding dress was out of this world! I also loved that her Bridesmaid’s were in white – I had never seen that before in the UK and it just looks wonderful in the photos. My favourite details would have to be the dress and their vision for the styling of the banquet hall – amazing!


A perfect Summer wedding with that extra wow at the lovely marquee venue. As soon as the couple walked into my studio I knew I wanted to work with them, I could already imagine how they would photograph and see this amazing bond between them. What was extra special about this wedding for me was the mix of different cultures added to the traditional English wedding. They were married in the morning in a traditional Chinese ceremony and Su arrived at Moor Hall looking stunning in her traditional red dress before a complete change of hair, make up and dress ready for the day – and she looked stunning again. Their ceremony was outdoors in Moor Hall’s new outdoor ceremony area which is just a photographers dream! The Mr & Mrs game and Filipino traditional money dance were just extra highlights to an amazing day. My favourite details were Su’s make up and the coral colour theme.


A lovely sunny autumn wedding at the estate. I love this couple, so friendly and lovely and we really had a great time taking the photos. Their children are also adorable and were amazing on the day for the photos and showering me with cuddles too. Suzie’s wedding hair was a work of art, I really loved the style. The ceremony was so emotional because not only did the couple write their own beautiful vows but the Groom’s brother who couldn’t attend (due to serving in the RAF abroad) was live on Facetime on the iPad so it was extra special for the families. We also got very lucky that we could use the amazing main house for our photos as the owner was not there, making use of the beautiful staircase and doorway. My favourite details were Suzie’s hair and the venue’s gardens – so many photo opportunities.


A beautiful pastel themed Summer wedding at my recommended venue. It was such a lovely Summer’s day and evening for this amazing couple. I knew Michael from school so it was really special to capture his special day with his lovely wife to be Emma. I loved their styling and colour choices, it really suited the venue and they also had a close link to the venue which made the day even more special. The Bride’s Granddad used to work at Moor Hall many years before it turned into the wedding venue it is today. The flower and boot arrangement was for him – so lovely. Emma and her Bridesmaids looked amazing and the outdoor ceremony and beautiful sunset completed a perfect day. As you can see everyone had a great day! My favourite details were Emma’s amazing dress and the venue styling.


A beautiful May Spring barn wedding with rustic country touches. I love when a reserved couple who were shy about the photographs absolutely rock it on the day and instruct me to style their photos however I thought creatively suited their day. My favourite moments would have to be when the couple and I went round the venue for photos and we got excited about every shot I took and their Son who really enjoyed helping with the photos. My favourite details were Claire’s Charlotte Mills wedding shoes and elegant wedding gown.



A stunning Summer marquee wedding with a relaxed feel and all about the children having a great day too. A truly gorgeous couple to photograph and a great atmosphere with family and friends – especially the party! My favourite moments would have to be when Ryan got emotional waiting at the top of the aisle and the Vicki’s brilliant reactions during the speeches. My favourite details were Vicki’s crystal headpiece and their wedding cake which was half traditional wedding cake and at the back (for their Son’s) a marvel comic hero design!



A super fun Summer castle wedding with every little detail perfectly designed. I have never laughed as much capturing a wedding as I did with these guys. Endless laughs, jokes but most importantly an incredible bond. My favourite moments were taking the couple off for their photos and the extremely funny and very witty speeches that had the whole room erupting with laughter. My favourite details were the message in the bottle which Mark proposed with and the flags on top of the castle changed to celebrate England and Gay Pride!