Hi I’m Rebecca (Rj)

I am blessed to have my passion as my full time job. I worked long hours for years in London from 9-5.30 as well as running R J Photography in my spare time. Now every day I get to capture the precious early moments of newborn baby’s lives, crawl around the floor with kids and be a part of emotional wedding days. To say I love my career is an understatement, it really is the most rewarding job I have ever done…

I have always been creative since I was a child, wanted to run my own business and then with my Dad’s love of photography I suppose it was always meant to be.

It all started when I was 19, I took some photos for a friend and little did I know those photos taken without any professional equipment or plan would change my life. Within months I was buying studio equipment, doing courses and taking bookings for children and families. A friend taught me how to use Photoshop originally, for which I will be forever grateful because it isn’t easy. I then continued to learn over the years.

I started taking photos at weddings a little while after learning portrait photography by shadowing an established photographer. I also cannot thank that photographer enough for his help in kick starting my career.

I have also been professionally trained by an award winning newborn photography mentor on creative newborn photography and safety which is very important when choosing your newborn photographer.

My photography style is creative and fun and I love taking natural photos as well as staging modern images. I like to capture personality and real emotion, lots of laughing and candid moments. In the studio I like to work with neutral and pastel colours.

I provide my clients with precious memories  with my personalised service. My clients return year after year usually starting with their engagement and wedding, to various photo shoots of the children that follow. They often arrive as customers and leave as friends, I stay in touch with a lot of my clients, follow the progress of their children and always look forward to seeing them again and catching up.

When I am not working, I love spending time my amazing family and gorgeous animals. I spend a lot of my spare time travelling and doing adventure sports including scuba diving and other watersports and I recently climbed Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp to raise money for my little Cousin.  Veganism and animals rights are a huge part of my life because of my absolute love of animals and nature. I also enjoy reading and writing, I have started writing my own book which I WILL finish in the next 10 years :)

I hope you have enjoyed reading about me and my story, if you would like to meet up to discuss your photo requirements please get in touch I would love to hear from you and chat about your ideas!

Rj. x